Video & Post-Production

Content is king, and the king of content is video. Yes, making sure that your business possesses the kind of creative expression and flair a video can offer, guarantees that your audience will remain engaged.

If in the past you needed a big team to produce even the shortest of film, today a small dedicated crew of professionals can create an incredible production. We are exactly that kind of creative company.  For us creativity is just a way of life and we offer it in a visual package of content. But to create an inspiring and captivating video is just a part of being a good production company, the other part is creating it with a specific purpose and drive in mind. And that is why we have both the ability to create personal and inspirational content and the team to manage productions for corporate ideas and goals.

CB STUDIO - Concerts

We have been around the music scene for almost a decade. During that time we shot a lot of small to medium gigs as well as big concerts and festivals. We definitely know how to make a live performance video.


It’s all about passion.Every brand has it’s clear defined style and we take the challenge to strip that down to a memorable visual experience.


We have the biggest party and major events video archive in Bulgaria, we have worked with most of the biggest event organizers in the region and we have produced an incredible amount of videos in the process.

From shooting and directing short video productions to building entire TV studio sets (including infrastructure), we’ve produced everything you might imagine – official party aftermovies, fashion productions, trailers, documentaries, TV shows, green screens, advertisements and etc.



  • Budgeting
  • Screenplay
  • Location scouting
  • Casting
  • Storyboard


  • Shooting crew
  • Equipment 
  • Transportation
  • Organisation
  • Scheduling


  • Video editing
  • Visual effects
  • Music composing
  • Sound mixing
  • Color grading


  • Live streaming
  • Social media
  • Advertising agencies
  • TV networks

Our team specializes in all kinds of post-production, using strict standard processing, including VFX, color grading and animations. From short movies to complex 3D renderings, we have what it takes to make your production look impressively good.

What we shoot ?

We offer complete coverage of various types of photo and video activities. Depending on the goals and needs of the project, we create a plan and select the specialists from our team to participate in the project.

Why us ?

Our main advantage is our highly specialized shooting team with extensive experience in photo and video shooting. Our team has an extremely rich media and creative experience in various fields – printing, television, advertising, fashion post-production, digital design, special effects and many more. Each of our specialists is young and dedicated to his work but with  solid background of up to 12 years in his respective field.

What equipment do we work with?

Depending on the needs of the project, but we generally have a large private selection of Canon photo and cinema cameras (1dx mark II, 5d mark IV, C500, C200) as well as lenses, tripods and stabilizing systems for them. But our team has also worked with Sony, RED, Panasonic and a number of other cameras and does not bow down to brands.We put customer interests and specific needs first and foremost as a technical requirement, picture quality and problem solving. We maintain the less widely accepted theory that there is no one camera system for all projects, but that there is a camera that best suits the needs of a each specific one.

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