Marketing & Automation

Our marketing and automation strategies and tools revolve around social media, data gathering and connecting third-party apps and services. Our solutions are more on the practical side, and are ideally suited for SMEs

Repost your articles on social media

Automatically share your website articles on your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). We can add parsers or conditional logic, if you need to edit the information before re-posting

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Create automated email campaigns

Having a few products that you need to get advertised through email campaigns? We can have your products extracted from your website and database, and pushed directly into pre-designed email campaigns. We can use both predefined rules for selecting these products, or you can come up with your own logic.

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Sync your products across different eCommerce platforms/stores

We can sync inventory levels across all your sales channels, update products and descriptions. For example if you you are selling only on your website, we may automatically share your information on marketplaces like eBay, Amazon and Alibaba. Some of those can be processed in real time.

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Connect your data (apps/databases)

Ever needed to create automated workflows between various apps? Transfer your Google Sheets data to your favourite CRM, or a existing list of email clients into task client; Import data from Excel straight into your business intelligence software? No matter how hard it sounds, we are here to help.

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